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MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme is an owner managed SME located in Werneuchen township, Seefeld, close to the German capital of Berlin. MEYTEC offers innovative services coupled with progressive solutions throughout Europe, in the fields of telemedicine, information technology, communication and security.
MEYTEC is committed to delivering exceptional products and exemplar customer service to all of its clients.

MEYTEC thanks you for your understanding, while our web site is in transition, our work is almost complete.

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MEYTEC head office:
e-mail: info@meytec.com
phone number: 0049 33398 78-200
fax: 0049 33398 78-299
Adress: Akazienstr. 13; D-16356 Werneuchen OT Seefeld

Current Press Release

Press release, May 2015
Medfield Diagnostics AB and German MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme sign cooperation agreement

Medfield Diagnostics AB, a leader in the development and production of systems for diagnosis of acute stroke, based on new ground breaking microwave technology, and MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme, a leader in integration of telemedicine technologies for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke in mobile and stationary applications, have agreed to join their forces and knowhow to offer healthcare providers efficient integrated pre-hospital solutions to improve diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke.
Under the new, non-exclusive cooperation agreement the two companies will combine their technologies to provide the market with integrated diagnostic and telemedicine solutions in emergency vehicles and stationary applications for pre-hospital diagnosis and treatment of acute stroke...
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MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme - vimed.de


For more Information about telemedicine solutions and systems provided by MEYTEC, please visit
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Here you find a shortlist of MEYTEC´s products for acute stroke care:

Telemedicine system VIMED DOC
download data sheet
Telemedicine system VIMED DOC BASIC
download data sheet
Telemedicine system VIMED STEMO
download data sheet
Telemedicine system VIMED TELEDOC
download data sheet
Telemedicine system VIMED CAR
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Telemedicine system VIMED UMTS 2
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